I want to tell you about the case of Giannina, a Chilean mother specialized in Financial Coaching, with whom I have been working on her digital marketing strategy within the framework of my signature 1:1 Coaching Program.

I have known Giannina for many years. We were classmates at the university around 2002, and we maintained our relationship for years. Even when I decided by personal choice to go live in Paris and then move to Munich and get married, she was there, and by this I mean, LITERALLY there sharing my world.

Since we’ve been friends for so many years, I know her very well, and after she decided to become an entrepreneur in early 2019, I saw her very happy and excited.

In October last year, a surprising social outbreak started in Chile, which is why Giannina’s clients fell a lot, as well as most entrepreneurship in the country.

Her specialty is Financial Coaching for entrepreneurs, so the chaos in the city, with curfews included, was not a good scenario for her or her clients.

Furthermore, her work strategy until then was face-to-face meetings with her clients, working with some of them daily and with others on a weekly basis. As a result of not being able to attend her meetings and not having the essential tools to carry out teleworking, a professional blockade occurred that had her submerged in a darkness lacking creativity and reinvention of her brand.

From my part, I had decided to undertake my entrepreneurship at almost the same time as her blockage. I was so excited about learning, taking courses, generating content, and creating my own brand, that I needed her to live the same excitement that I was experiencing.

It was at this moment when I came up with the idea of ​​creating my 1:1 Coaching program. With this program, I use my knowledge and experience to help other women who already have their entrepreneurship or are about to start, so that they can carry out their business in the best and autonomous way possible, and thus shine and dominate their industry.

We spoke (as usual) on WhatsApp, and we decided to set up a weekly meeting to work on specific topics and tasks that she had to carry out for a whole week to review them and thus move forward and setting our goals.

The first mission was for her to change her website. Although it is true that she already had a landing page, there was no information on who she was, there were no sections such as “BLOG” (which I totally recommend to have), nor detailed services, so if someone found her website, chances are they didn’t feel that “call” to contact her.

It’s very important that the first task is to have a performing website. A website where you provide the necessary information so that people know you, empathize with you, and become someone who not only talks about content but also honest experiences that can serve others. This is not only transmitted in the “About Me” section, but it also has a lot to do with your logo, with your color palette, and with the aesthetics of your page. EVERYTHING gives a message, not just one thing, so it’s crucial that in this first stage, you know well WHO you are, WHAT you want to transmit, and to WHOM you want to communicate that content.

When we started working on her new website, Gianny was very clear about her segment and value proposition, but she lacked all the technical skills related to digital marketing. After improving her website to a WOW level! –and in a very autonomous way– we incorporated two vital topics such as the tools for automated emails and another that corresponds to a Newsletter subscription section to capture leads.

The dynamics of our meetings are usually the following: we catch up on what has happened during the week, I see how she has progressed with the assigned tasks, and we designate new actions to work in the following week. I always give her the tools, knowledge, tips, and whatever she needs to develop what she wants to implement (according to our planning), but she is the one who carries out the work so that the progress will have a direct relationship with the time that you dedicate to it.

Basically, I provide the knowledge and tools so that you can make the necessary improvements. Thus, if in the future you want to undertake in another area or create other business lines, you can do it autonomously with the knowledge learned.

With Giannina, we are now working on capturing more leads with the help of her newly created freebie. What will we do after this? The truth is that we have several ideas. The good thing is that we do not lack ideas; what we often lack is time to develop everything we have in mind.

As you can see, my 1:1 Coaching service can be very personalized. In Giannina’s case, it will continue until she and I are satisfied with the results, and until we run out of ideas (which I hope will never happen!).

Many of my clients start with a need, and as they move forward and achieve their goals, they want more and more, so we can move forward and take their business to the top.

I want you, like Giannina, to be able to enjoy what you do, to feel complete, and to master all the necessary concepts in this digital world in which we find ourselves submerged. Don’t be afraid of teleworking: imagine that my friend is in Chile and I am in Germany, and every time we connect it is as if the kilometers do not matter and we are together, sharing our lives.

All the best to my dear Gianny! I know she is going to do an amazing job because I know her and because I will not let go of her hand!

That is my commitment: I will not leave you alone until you feel able to move forward without my help. This is not a simple delivery of a service; it is a process in which we will both accompany each other, get to know each other and bring your business to light with your personality. You will have your personalized stamp with all the tools and knowledge so that later when you feel able, you can autonomously manage your DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY.

Until next time!


Learn more about my signature 1:1 Coaching Program here.

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