Hi, I'm María-Paz

I dedicated SO much time and energy to all the development of my business. I found myself getting so stressed out and had so little time between family, my one-year-old boy running around, picking him up from daycare, cooking lunch, dinner, and at the end of it all, having time for myself. You know the feeling right? Having to do it all! I wasn't working a 9 to 5 job at that time, but if I were, that would've given me even less time to dedicate to develop my side-hustle.


I was feeling so defeated. I had my brand idea in mind, but struggled to put it on paper and give it a "face". Adding to that, I didn't have at that time the design or tech skills to do my branding and to create my website.


I was wishing that someone could come to me, take all of this heavyweight off my shoulders, and have everything up and running within a matter of weeks.


I enrolled in multiple online courses, did research, and learned how to do my branding and my website. I also updated all the knowledge I have from my previous professional experiences and learned a lot of new tips and tricks on the way! Doing this myself came with a cost, though. In essence, it took a lot of time, energy, stress, and financial resources actually to figure it out. I went through a LOT of training to get to where I am now, some of the training was good, some of them were bad and a total waste! It was a lot of hard work to figure this all out by myself, and oh, how could I have saved myself time, stress, and precious energy if I had found the right resources quicker without the struggle, but I didn't know where or how to find them and put them together. Now, you know!

The Digital Madl
The Digital Madl



I want to show you that now I have found the best way to do things, and I can show you how to do them, too - this is why The Digital Madl exists.


I want to help mompreneurs save the stress it can bring to them and to a relationship trying to manage it all since I know they're also trying to be a good mom and a good partner. I want them to save the precious time and energy they would use to figure how to give their brand identity, a website, and the best digital marketing strategies, so they can instead invest it in their families and themselves. You are worth it!


Work smarter, not harder.



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